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Does Research and Innovation reach the market? ProSEco goes to the European Business Summit.

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If we have in mind the diffusion of innovations theory (Everett M. Rogers) finding innovators or early adopters is key. The innovation must be widely adopted in order to self-sustain; a critical mass of users must be reached.

In the case of ProSEco project, several industrial partners (Electrolux, Desma, Volkswagen, Ona, Alberdi) are acting as test-bed for the research results and a showcase for the project results. ProSEco provides answers in the new context where industry is currently moving from business models based on selling products to business models based on services.  We are in the age of context and connectivity. ProSEco is supporting the adoption of those trends by proposing a platform to create customised services according customer’s needs.  It goes beyond basic processes digitalization facilitating transition to industry 4.0 using technologies and methodologies as ambient intelligence and context awareness, data mining/analytics, impact assessment and services configuration.

Dissemination of European Projects results is one of the activities to communicate new technological development and their possible applications in different sectors. ProSEco was presented at the European Business Summit  ,that took place in Egmont Palace in Brussels, in the section meet the experts on the  23rd of May. A very impressive scenario where ProSEco was explained as well as how the proliferation of new emerging technologies and paradigms will improve the capability of manufacturing companies to create customised services for their own products.