The approach followed by ProSEco is driven by four application scenarios in the areas of automotive, home appliances and automation equipment.

In BC1BC1 the large automotive industry Volkswagen (VW) intends to provide infrastructure for building various services using information from AmIs and sensors in the vehicles. The objective is to allow both internal and external Service providers to build various types of services using information from vehicle sensors. The key aspects to be addressed are security and privacy, as well.

Volkswagen demonstrator video:

BC2In Electrolux, one of the leading producers of household appliances as well as professional appliances and equipment for cleaning and kitchen, is looking for newer, smarter ways for consumers to interact with appliances, and it aims to connect innovative services with their products (e.g. washing machines, dryers). The service scenarios addressed in Electrolux, aim to provide means for building services and allow for collecting and analysis data on customer behaviour.

Electrolux demonstrator video:

BC3BC3 involving DESMA, a shoe machine producer company, includes various scenarios which address different groups of their customers. One of scenarios is addressing shoe manufacturers using DESMA machines and is aiming at optimization of maintenance processes by implementing improved SW services for monitoring of machines, scheduling of maintenance tasks, diagnostics, reporting etc.

DESMA demonstrator video:

BC4BC4 involves ONA, a machine tool builder, and their value chain supplier ALBERDI. Both are interested in collaborating more with the customers in order to improve the product design process and both are also interested in testing how eco-design principles and LCA techniques could help to reduce the environmental impact of their products. Intelligent Product Extension Services (PES) will be installed to optimise the environmental impact of product design process and will be used to identify customers’ patterns that can help to personalise product-services in a collaborative environment

ONA’s demonstrator video:

ALBERDI’s demonstrator video: