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ProSEco more than an EU project: a project shedding focus on gender issues

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Besides the opportunity to co-create new innovation with European partners, EU projects offers time and space to experience first-hand diversity.

In the fourteen ProSEco partners we find a multidisciplinary team, with experts in specific knowledge areas to answer the technical complexity of ProSEco project challenges. But beyond that, there is added value.
The Seventh FP7 Monitoring Report published by the European Commission, in its chapter Patterns of women participation in FP7 says that 26,95% of participants were women. This percentage includes all the roles from contact person for legal aspects, scientific aspects, administrative officers, to principal investigator, etc. And while the record of women participation in Science in Society call is about 40% followed by Regions of Knowledge with the 33%), in NMP (ProSEco project) and Transport the percentage lowers down to 16%.

There is a Spanish proverb that says (something like) “If something is known it’s not talked, as it’s not talked it is forgotten”. In XXI century, it might sound obvious women participating in technology. And as it’s taken for granted, it’s not given the value that it deserves.

We would like to encourage the participation of women in these technological projects as they are an example to other women.