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ProSEco Partners attended event Basque Industry 4.0 organised by the Basque Government

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Basque Industry 4.0 2015, the “meeting point” of the Basque industry

14 October: Palacio de Euskalduna Avda. Abandoibarra, 4 – Sala A1 BILBAO 9:00 – 18:00

ProSEco Partners attended event organised by the Basque Government.  Basque Country has a powerful industrial and entrepreneurship tradition. The challenge is to maintain this relevant position and go beyond it.

This event is a meeting point for Industry where trends about Industry are shared and a great place to networking.

We had an institutional welcome and then Wolfgang Dorst ‎)Head of Department “Industry 4.0” at BITKOM)  gave us his views about: “ INDUSTRY 4.0 ¿DIGITAL UTOPIAN OR A BUSINESS CASE?. It was more like a pedagogical approach than a hypertechnical view, but anyway inspiring. It remembered me, somehow, ProSEco approach.

He talked about the four waves of the industry: Industry 1.0 carbon, water and stem, industry 2.0  electricity, industry 3.0 Electronic and  4.0 cyberphisic systems. Industry 4.0 is not about factories without people (automation form the 80`s) but with generating more value.

Wolfgang Dorst provided some example of evolutions: cars are thought as three layers: first mechanical layer, second electronical layer and the third one the service layer.  Always thinking is the personalisation of the product, engage the customer that like to have something different and customised, putting more intelligence in the product, of course, with ICT, cloud computing, big data, etc.

Industry 4.0’s challenge is to manage complexity of the market, understand better the customer, to get info from the customer to provide more services. And those new services and their business models have to do with

1) predictive maintenance

2) Data mining –anomaly detection and

3) condition monitoring.

Semantic and Tecnalia were also participants in organising workshops as well as being in the exposition area.  ProSEco Project was present through them.