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ProSEco presented their midterm results in the first Factories of the Future Conference 2016

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ProSEco presented their midterm results in the first Factories of the Future Conference 2016 with the title Materialising Factories 4.0 . It was organised by EFFRA (The European Factories of the Future Research Association) of the private side in the ‘Factories of the Future’ public-private partnership. It took place at Brussels during the 15th and 16th of September 2016.

The event has raised a great expectation. It was opened by Günther H. Oettinger European Commissioner of Digital Economy and Society who remained of the importance of the industrial sector for the competitiveness of Europe, and factories of the future as one of the main drivers of the innovation, with special emphasis in the need of collaboration and to create strong partnerships.

The conference has been very inspiring thanks to the possibility to hear speakers from companies like Siemes or Airbus about how they manage innovation and try to make the future be the present.  The conference explored key topics at the centre of the ongoing transformation of manufacturing in Europe.

Besides parallel sessions, there was a novelty in how Effra is doing their workshops. It organised two pitching sessions (The FoF-Pitch) where participants of FoF projects we had the opportunity to present briefly their results to potential business and innovation partners.

Ana Arroyo on behalf of Tecnalia (project coordinator) presented ProSEco in one pitching session. Also Use-it –wisely (project within the same EU cluster project of FOF) was presented there.

In the two days there were parallel sessions with a wide reange fo topics form Digital Technologies & the Factory Floor, Energy & Material Efficiency, Product Life-Cycle Management & Business Models in a Product-Service Economy to Digital Technologies & Networked Factories and data  Security, Liability & Integrity in Connected Factories, Additive Manufacturing & Advanced Joining Technologies or Next Generation Robotics & Mechatronics in Manufacturing.

For me Factories of the Future Conference’ was very well organised, well balanced key speakers, parallel sessions and pitch and a good show window to display the achievements of ‘Factories of the Future’ projects.

I understand why EFFRA is happy, the event with a participation rate of nearly five hundred people it is the largest event of its kind to focus on ‘Factories of the Future’.

I¡s been great to take part of it. Thanks very much EFFRA.