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Deliverable name  Due date Dissemination
D800.13 Project Presentation – 10 results Flyers 09.2016 PU
D100.1 State-of-the-Art Analysis Update 03.2014 PU
D100.2 Business Case & Requirements Analysis 06.2014 RE
D100.4 Public ProSEco Concept 06.2014 PU
D600.11 ProSEco Assessment Methodology 09.2014 PU
D200.11 Methodology for Collaborative Product Services and Process Design 03.2015 PU
D200.21 Specification of Development Platform & Collaborative KM Services 03.2015 RE
D200.31 Specification of Simulation Tools for Product Process Design 03.2015 RE
D300.11 Lean-based eco-driven Methododlogy 03.2015 PU
D300.21 Specification of Eco-design Tools & ECO Optimization Services 03.2015 RE
D400.11 Methodology for AmI based & Context Sensitive Product-Services 03.2015 PU
D400.21 Specification of Engineering tools and Core services for Context Sensitivity & AmI 03.2015 RE
D500.11 Specification of Infrastructure, PES Deployment Platform & Service Composition 03.2015 RE
D500.31 Business Cases Specification and Infrastructure 03.2015 RE
D800.12 Project Presentation-Flyer 03.2015 PU
D800.2 Project Website 03.2015 PU
D800.31 Plan for Using and Disseminating Foreground 03.2015 RE
D800.11 Project Presentation – Flyer 12.2013 PU


PU – Public
RE – Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services) – Executive summary available to public