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Some considerations on meta-products

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Meta-products comprise physical goods and physical services with emergent personal functionalities, which are based on the automated intelligent collection and processing of personal data as physical goods and services are used. As much of the value of meta-products resides in data in the Cloud, meta-products have great potential for international marketing and sales. This can be enabled by making use of sensors and actuators already within existing physical goods; by adding them to existing physical goods; and/or by selling new physical goods. Technological developments in the EU ProSEco project are needed to extend the scope, and improve the technical performance, of meta-products. However, the technical performance of meta-products are qualifying factors for potential sales, while actual purchases depend winning factors determined by potential buyers’ diverse cognitive and emotional perspectives that arise from cultures, personality types, and past experiences. One important consideration in the marketing and sales of meta-production is the extent to which national cultures are relevant when meta-products involve the globalization of automated intelligence and Cloud technologies. A second important consideration is the extent to which remote monitoring combined with automated intelligence can be a source of concerns about privacy, etc. to customers or can attract customers. In order for such complex issues to addressed during the design of meta-products, a new market simulation tool is being developed in the ProSEco project. This is founded upon in-depth research and relevant scientific theories of proven predictive value. Two recently published scientific papers provide detailed analyses of how national cultures and automated intelligence can affect purchasing behaviours.

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