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Use-It-Wisely collaborates with sister EU Project ProSEco

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Use-it-Wisely works with ProSEco on an innovation methodology field trial in Spain

Dr Stephen Fox, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, led sister EU project Use-It-Wisely’s first research collaboration with ProSEco.

Since Use-It-Wisely first began, three field trials of its new science-based innovation methodology have been successfully carried out in Finland, Greece and Sweden. The aim of the methodology is to shift the focus of innovation from improving internal operating efficiency to increasing market effectiveness. The first external collaborative trial of Use-It-Wisely with sister European project ProSEco, took place between 15th-16th September 2015. The trial took place in Derio, Bizkaia, Spain, with two ProSEco industrial companies, Alberdi and ONA. The focus of the field trial was to further apply and develop the innovation methodology.

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